Need Some advice to improve my work

i need some advice to improve this work like something to add of remove or i should change the desing
" don’t mind Aqua color is just for test"

Thank you .

I will not comment the design (I think you are far away with this part, sorry).

But you must also take care about:

  • You have huge image there - it is 2.2MB - you must optimize your images
  • Scroll doesn’t works well - you are using there nicescroll but there is a log of bugs. Sometimes a whole site just stops - I can’t scroll up/down


With respect this is nowhere near the standards.

  • The one-page concept is the most overdone style on the marketplace and the standards and expectation for features, functionality and originality have reached exceptional levels.

  • There is nothing premium that couldn’t be found in free templates

  • Repeat copy/paste text is lazy and unfinished

  • Testimonials/contact form is broken on the main field

  • There’re numerous issues throughout with design basics like spacing, hierarchy and typography

  • The code doesn’t validate

Honestly the best advice is to abandon this and spend some time examining the quality and attention to detail of successful authors


it is just a one month for me learning so i will take more time to improve myself i try again
thank you for spending your time to help me