Need suggestions..



Hi… Please give me some suggestions on my newly created template… Here is the demo link Its already been submitted to themeforest.


Needs a lot of work before it would get accepted. You may want to browse around some demos of other authors to get ideas on what you need to make better.


Ok thanks for the comment… can you give any specific reason so that I could work on it…


So according to you it won’t get accepted???


To be honest, the entire design looks amateur - colors are all over the place, images are stretched, fonts are not consistent, page is slow to scroll. I’m just being real with you so you can start working hard now instead of waiting. Go learn as much as you can, look at successful themes and take notes, ask questions. A good theme that is ready might take 8 months to create.

I wish you luck! If you need ideas of tutorial sites or courses I’d be happy to share some.


Ok, so from now I’ll concentrate on your advice. Thanks


One more thing I’m also working on this template please again share your views on this.


Hi Dezilr,

Your web design skill needs to be improved. You need more practices and learn about laying the foundation. If you do not have passion on design, I would suggest you to work with experienced designer who can provide you a good layout design. From there, you can start to build HTML&CSS based on the design.
Hope this helps.


I agree with partnering up with a designer - you’ll have the best success because they can focus on an awesome design while you can focus on everything else.


That second template looks a way better, but still needs a lot of improvements. Just take look at firts 10 templates from the same category as yours, and inspire yourself.