help me better my design

Hi to all:

Again I upload my design for I need a better advice for accepted my first sell

Please help me, my skype is JeriThemes (I have 2 accounts of envato) regards.

It’s an improvement ‘design wise’ on where you have been in the past but with respect it is still a fair way off being ready for here.

  • there is no logic to the contents. How many people building a website about a wedding want to include a blog let alone a pricing table or skillsets?

Adding sections that do not add value or purpose to a design and for no reason other than to have them looks very amateurish.

  • footer is messy and cramped esp. the page links

  • testimonials page does not work and there are various spacing issues and inconsistencies on there

  • throughout the typography, margins and spacing could all be improved

But I already submit themeforest, Do I can remove my item submit themeforest? :frowning: please help me @charlie4282 thanks.

You can cancel it if you want or just wait for it to be reviewed as it is. They may raise something different from what I see or maybe you will get approved - I’m not a reviewer so only giving my opinion

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Thanksss Charlie, I fix and upload again regards.