Need music ideas for middle school homecoming dance

OK i Had a group of parents ask me to film a middle school homecoming dance for them. It actually was pretty fun. Heres the scene and mood.

  1. The girls and boys arrived at our local country club to do some pictures and sorta mingle. I was moving about just capturing the scene. Golf course and large event tent/canopy in background. around 6 pm eastern time hot sun.
  2. The Dance - not the best for lighting and most of the kids just walked around, not hardly any dancing at all but still had to be there non the less. Did get a couple songs that they actually did dance to.
  3. Back to the country club for a buffet dinner and more mingling. turned into a line dance a thon with all the typical music like electric slide etc. not country line dancing. Thank God. time is 8 pm sun has set and we are under the canopy
  4. general summery. Girls and boys dressed up in dresses and kaki pants type attire.

I need ideas on what type of music to go with at the beginning with them lined up taking pics and the sort. I am leaning towards a light jazz style, almost lounge music type is what keeps coming to mind for some reason.

Next i am needing more of a dance track to showcase the dance at the school portion but dont’ want it to look like they are dancing out of sync on music. This is my hardest part that im having is deciding what to do here.

next is the after party but i think a cool dance music type and some voice over from the kids would be good but i feel like im looking for something kinda summer ry.

Im kinda lost at this one. Not sure but i may be over thinking it. However it could lead to more paid videography from the school and the school board as well.

Thanks in advance.


Hi @HammerDownProduction I can’t suggest a jazz track for onset, but look my profile to dance tracks. You’ll find Tropical house tracks - special for summer mood. For dancing kids - look dance pop tracks and house tracks. I’m sure you’ll find something to you need :slight_smile:

Thanks I’ll definitely check them out.

Hello @HammerDownProduction i have some light background track with summer jazzy mood but he’s sentimental little bit.

@HammerDownProduction If you need help and too lazy to look all portfolio, just write me on I’ll glad to help you :slight_smile:

Hi @HammerDownProduction,
We have a nice lounge piano track, may be something for you.


@HammerDownProduction Here are the ideas about background light jazz. Perhaps. one of them is suitable)

It’s awesome to see threads like these and so many helping authors! Great job guys! :slight_smile:


Hi there, I have light jazz aplenty!

A couple you could look at:

And my portfolio has plenty more of this type of thing:

all the best with the project!

Hi! I got this track that is not conventional dance music , but I think it could be fun for kids to dance on this. It’s lite rock/indie. Check it out :slight_smile:

Hi, a have a few tracks that might suit:

This is a lounge one or this

Summery laid back track

Fashion music

Hey @HammerDownProduction,

I have a new track very inspiring for childhood.

This one is nice with a country mood.

This one with sounds for kids and choirs.

Thanks for listen!


Hey choose the right )))

I made a little collection with some of my light jazz tracks:

Feel free to check out the rest of my portfolio and good luck with the movie!

This is cute, playful, latin, fun, jazzy,should work for kids quite well:

Jazz sounds like a good idea for the meetup and country club parts.
Have you considered also some lounge? Something like this:

For the dance part, have you considered some airy indie rock maybe (for this one I always thought that is has sort of a bouncy - dancing feeilng):
Or some more “classic” disco-ish tracks maybe: