new submission (piano and strings): help with the mix!

Hi guys,
I’m almost done with a new submission. Since I had a lot of rejections basically because of the mix (which is not my point of strength) I would like to have your opinion on this track before submitting.

@WormwoodMusic @Ksarex @CleanMagicAudio @Pandocrator @liosound

I have questions for the piano…
Your piano is close in sound with this music:

You can even download it and see the characteristics of this music in your DAW (stereo, equalization, etc).
Listen carefully to this track.
It seems to me that you should, in your waltz, strive for such a piano sound. At least in such music.

Your piano has a lot of low frequencies. The strings can be made louder and stereo. But not to the detriment of the piano.
Part from 1:30 you need to repeat again at the end, and then finish the music.
Name your music: Funeral Theme Piano Waltz :slightly_smiling_face: and go ahead.

But you can not follow my advice. In the end, I myself have never been able to download music here. :frowning_face:
Such a piano sound is also normal in a movie for example. You are a composer and write music as you see it. You need to find a professional here on AJ. Somebody will help you.
Overall a good job!
Good Luck to you!

@Ksarex thanks for your feedback. I’ll listen to your reference and try to improve the piano. Actually You highlighted the issues i was worried about. It’s full of low and mid-low frequencies, though I must say that to my ears i like it better this way (more romantic and dramatic) but I’m not sure this is a shared taste.

Well, I guess You’re right, i need some help with the mix and master. I would be happy to collaborate with someone here!

@ksarex Hi, I lesten to your reference and made some changes, is it working better now?

Not. It only got worse for my feelings.
At 0: 07-0: 08 sounds too resonant sounds at the piano.
In the past, the piano track sounded better.
In general, the piano only got worse. :frowning_face:
Have you listened to music to which I gave you a link?

@Ksarex hi, yes, actually I added the pedal (resonance) to the piano right hand track right because I found the track you shared was much more resonant. I kept it as low as I could. Anyway I can still take it off.

Hey @Dhalsim1981! Hope you’re doing great!

What can I say, another really beautiful composition. Arrangement-wise is spot on, IMO. The following are the only details I would tweak to ensure an approval:

  1. The sustain pedal should be lifted right at the end of every chord change, specially when they contain rather tense intervals (like minor 2nds, 4ths, minor 9ths, etc.). Sound-wise, is beautiful. Also keep in mind that if you play mordentes with the pedal on you’ll have a sustained half-tone to control. One more advice, though I don’t really know how you are approaching this, I wouldn’t work left and right hand of the piano with separate instrument instances. You want reproduce the feel a real piano would have, and you definitely don’t have 2 sustain pedals for lows and highs in a Steinway Grand! :slight_smile:

  2. I might be wrong, but for moments the cellos and the basses seem to be playing close intervals like minor 3rds or even 2nds! I know the rules are there to break them, but it’s recommended to avoid tensions in the lower instruments. Octaves are always a safe choice, or maybe 5ths. That might help cleaning the low range a bit.

Otherwise, I think it’s a track with a great potential. Given the SE we have, like it or not, I’d keep it simple with the name and go for something like “Sad Piano” or even “Sadness”. Cheesy and boring, I know, but what can you do, right?

BTW, which piano did you use? Sounds so gentle!

Anyway, best of luck, mate! Let us know once you get a review!

I must admit it… I love @WormwoodMusic!!! :smiley:
Mate, you always catch my mistakes! :smiley: Indeed, though I try to keep similar settings, I have two different tracks for piano left and right hand (sometimes three!). I’ll try to loose this bad habit!

I messed up with the pedal, I thought I lifted the pedal at the end of every chord, but I did it every two chords. I check the basses and cellos intervals. I cleaned a bit but I couldn’t find close intervals (only some major third D-F#). Anyway I took them off (I hope!) now and left only a couple of D-F# intervals between piano and low strings, I hope it’s fine now. Anyway the interval issue with the low frequencies is a very good suggestion, I will follow it for sure in the future.
Also I made the piano sound even softer and more gentle now.

Yesterday I submitted the track but I think I’ll do it again and replace it with the new one I made according to your suggestion (you’ll find both at the end).

I named it dramatic emotional piano and made two versions (including a piano solo version).

I’m using the piano you suggested, the grandeur!

Submitted version

Last version


@WormwoodMusic @Ksarex is the second version ok? Worth to replace it?

Nevermind, I think the last one is better so I resubmitted all over again. If they reject it I will blame it on you guys!!! :smiley: (just kidding)

IMHO! Submitted version Dramatic Emotional Piano - I like it more :sweat_smile:

Sounds amazing, Federico! :slight_smile: Congrats! Crossing fingers with you, man!

This is just a matter of personal taste, but as I told you before, I’m a bit of a reverb guy. I do love how it’s mixed and arranged right now (the strings are STUNNING!) but I guess I would have avoided the piano mordentes with sustain pedal on, and I would have coloured the piano with a little more reverb as well. Again, don’t mind my opinion too much, each cook has its own book.

Best of luck, mate! :it: