Need music for advertising VR gadget.

Hey there! Guys, need music for advertising one startup for VR.

Video is an example, the video itself will be different.

Reference: Modern, innovative, like an iPhone ad. (not a simple corporate). Track should be motivational but not happy, and not specific Hi-Tech. Some mix of all that i have listed. I will be glad to examples of your tracks! I hope someone’s fit.

Hello! When is it necessary? How much do they pay?

In this style?

It would be great to be able to download this video and start working.

Maybe something like this? Good luck!

Hi there!
Have a listen to my epic innovation track!

Hope you like it!
Good luck,

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Something like this? Or how long it should be?

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Hi, some suggestions:

Hello @Edwud_Music! Please listen to this track

One of the best technology tracks in my portfolio. Hope this helps!
Good luck searching!

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Hey @Edwud_Music!
If you’re still searching for music, check these tracks out:


Good luck!

Hey! Thank you for your work.
Sent the options to the producer, I hope someone’s work will do! :vulcan_salute:t2:


Good day.

Try to listen to this track.

Thank you.

Hi! Please try these tracks:

Thank you!

Hi! I’m attaching my tracks, I think they’ll fit your video.


Thank to all! Music already chosen :wink: