Corporate audio track

I’m looking for corporate motivational audio track with MOUSE CLICK inclusion for some video commercial we create. Theme highlights: computer development, digital design, keyboard and mouse clicking effect.


You probably will not find a track with those sound FXs already included. Authors tend to avoid those effects as it limits the usability of a track.

The easier approach would be to select a track that suits your project and get “computer” sounds from the SFX section that you can then add in.

Here are a couple tracks from my portfolio that could potentially interest you:

Hello! Check this track. But the sound effect of “click of a mouse” you need to buy separately.

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Try to listen to this track.

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Hello! For computer development video i could recommend this audio track.

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You can try this track:

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Hi, maybe this track :


Hi! Hope these tracks will be good for you

Hi @zagirova!
Try this tracks: