Need Members Feedback for Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme - BOSS



This is my first attempt to sell an item on ThemeForest, and the item was hard rejected!
I need feedback and that’s why I’m asking you guys to help me with that.

Theme Details available on my profile page here:

Theme main page and demos here:

Looking forward for your valuable feedback

  1. Load time is > 50-70 seconds i am @ 8 MB dedicated link
  2. A lot of typography issues / text contrast issues ( red text over black background is very unpleasant )
    3.css3 transitions are very distracting / annoying maybe make them smooth / specially mega menu active transitions
  3. looks very static / maybe add some dynamic features boxes to demos like Our Team , Portfolio, blog posts etc etc
  4. typography issues again
  5. theme is very diverting you have spent a lot of time coding it i am sure about this, but i will highly recommend if you launch it with one major demo and add more variations sidewise, as currently it looks like a blend of various pages merged into one another


Way too much going on.

Load time is very slow.

Typography needs a lot of work esp. in consistency

Attention to detail needs work throughout e.g. angled sections are heavily pixelated

custom scrolling needs work

Really focus on quality not quantity


It is a great start. But you spent much time on quantity. Quality should be improved. Improve Loading time and Typography.

And focus on making just one main demo which can be used as a great website for multi-purpose. Once it is approved, then go for the variations.