Need help with soft rejection

Hello guys

I recently got my 6th soft rejection

  1. Global variables should be used restrictively: 2. Naming should be consistent all around. Use qucreative just to make it more unique.

Can you help me with some hints ?

  1. I understand that those variables are crowding the global namespace, but the theme is complex and needs some form of centralising the variables. Would a single class that holds the variables named $QuCreative be accepted. Or a single object $qucreative_theme_data that holds them ?

  2. Is this for the theme or both the theme and plugin ? We’ve put the author name prefix for the plugin because other themes we would develop would use the same plugin - also to differentiate between plugin functionality and theme functionality - also I seen other recently approved themes use author name prefix on the theme plugin elements

Maybe a more experienced TF author who got themes approved this year can help us

Thoughts ?