Need help with PSD Template

Hello Authors, i really need a big help from your end, can you please let me know what am i doing wrong ? because this time my Design is good enough used bootstrap 1170 grid.

i selected the category as Creative PSD Template and i think i read almost all advises given by other authors here.

i may didn’t create good enough grey background file its just one page landing page PSD Template i uploaded preview and main file JPG

please help me with what i’ve done wrong.

Thanks for your time

@JeriTeam @htmlPremium

i found you guys so far in latest thread, please help if you can

Thanks for your time

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In my opinion;

  • Logo looks like bad specially logo text black colored one.
  • Slider text
  • Text like comic sans doesn’t look good
  • You should add more section

good luck

Thank you, i will start working on this stuffs, its great to have feedback. Thank you for that

Your section to section space is not equal every sections and also have Typography problem. Please see other templates like layouts, typography, color and compare with your design. BTW, All the best.

Thank you, i will start looking into it, its great to know where i’m doing wrong, i got a question @MK360_Themes what you mean by Typography problem ? can you please elaborate ?


how about this guys… looking for feedback :slight_smile: