Please give a hint how to improve design

Hi guys

My PSD template has been hard rejected. I’ll appreciate if you help me improve it. Even a hint is welcome.

Here are the links to some of the pages:


Service page v.1

Thanks in advance.

This may seem obvious, but do you include the rest of the pages that can be seen in the nav, or is it only these two?

I’ve made and included 9 pages. But I can post only 2 links on the forum, as I’m a new user.

PSD category is most difficult to get into. The template looks unprofessional even though most design principles seem to be in place. You need to keep on improving and adjusting the finer details.
Only thing that was glaring was the above fold area which is very big and needs scrolling to see the navigation part of slider.

Thanks for the feedback. I know there’s much space for improvement. Could you give a few more suggestions?
btw do you thing I have more chance if I make a front end and post it as an HTML template?

Yes you can go for HTML directly, as I said its the finer details to make it look professional that is needed. Just concentrate on one section for eg the “services” section alone and compare to approved templates service section and try to make minor changes like font type size weight color etc until you get a premium feel. Then move to next section like “our team” etc

Thanks again. Your suggestions seems to be helpful.