Dear Friends What you thing for this PSD template

Sorry to be the bad guy (no offense meant), but that would (and should) be hard rejected. There is just nothing there. 8 images and a button. It’s not a theme, template or whatever. There is no design. Just few images put together. Look at the competition in PSD category and you’ll be able to answer your question by yourself.

Once, again - no offense. Just my 2 cents.

Sorry but I agree with @theAlThemist there is just nothing there.

On top of this:

  • the slider type is mediocre
  • the tel number feels lost where it is
  • the typography down the bottom is not good
  • there’s no logo
  • the read more text seems to not be aligned to the button as well as it could be.

Thank you . . This is just home page 40% finished … So i alot of work . . .

Yes i understand but i just need anodher thinking thank you . . Im just started on this oroject .

It is hard to advise on a half built site as even if some things are not perfect - if they fit with the design throughout multiple pages etc. then reviewers may for give them.

Your best bet is to finish as much as possible then share it. Good luck