Need help with my website theme ( with new theme installation )

I have a website with 500+ blogs and good traffic everything is fine but I am not satisfied with color scheme, my current theme is good but it’s not like trending blogs and educational sites.

I want to ask if I change the theme, will it effect on my all blogs fonts and spacing and image size? is there any option if I just update my homepage and leave blog page as it is?

When you apply a theme to your wordpress site, it applies to your whole site. If you want to change scheme for blog posts you might have to edit files to apply new customize settings. To suggest theme first we should know about site type and content. So please share your site so we can suggest you a theme which suits your site best.

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Hi Sara, Thank you. website is about pay per click, seo and visualization tools.

Blog page:

Kindly review both of them, waiting for your suggestion.