Need help to review my landing page

I am a new author i want to upload a landing page please see that is that possible to get approved.


Unfortunately it is still not at the level of quality expected to be accepted. You have to familiarize yourself with the quality standard.

There are multiple design problems in spacing, alignment, color typography, hierarchy, iconography, images, forms, etc.

I encourage you to keep working and you will get good results


can you mark that where is that main problem.

I am afraid, your item does not have high quality features. Also, there are lots of spacing issues.

However, nice start. Try to add more features and use more creative ideas.

Best wishes for your next item.

Can you give me some idea and mark that where is the spacceing issues

Have a look-

How i can solved that can you tell me that please

To be honest, you have to spend lots of times for researching Elite authors items for understanding how they made their items.
Also, follow dribble or some free portfolio sharing site.