Theme review

Hello everyone,

I just made my first theme, bootstrap landing page and it got rejected because of “quality standard required to move forward”. So if you can give me advice what to fix, I would be very grateful.


There are typography and spacing issues everywhere. Also, the concept itself is overdone. You need to come up with something more unique (and with much, much higher level of quality).

Hey @LSVRthemes, thanks for quick reply! Can you please give example on theme regarding typography and spacing issue, so I know better what you mean? Concept as bootstrap landing page or concept as this particular colors ? Thanks!

It is everywhere. Take a look at some recently approved top sellers to see what level of quality is expected. You need months or more realistically even years of practice to get your skills ready for having a chance to have an item approved here.


With all due respect, I’m not trying to make theme that will stand out so much or some expensive one, just trying to figure out how this works, with all basic things, and I think this one satisfy basic requirements?

With Respect this is barley freebie standard let alone premium. The issue is that the problems are not a list ofthigns to fix - they are errors with design principles and if these are not immediately clear then you may struggle with achieving the standards for here

@LSVRthemes is right that the typography (font choices, hierarchy, styling etc.) is not right throughout, but there’s way more…

  • Spacing is inconcsistent

  • Nowhere near enough or original features - it’s just basic Bootstrap UI

  • One page concept is vastly over done

  • Are you planning to code this? As a PSD it has to be pixel perfect and offer something unique. It will be pretty rare for a landing page to get through as design only

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It is ok to aim to create something more simple, basic, but even then you need to pass certain quality standards and offer some commercial value. This item unfortunately offers none of it. You need to keep working on your skills and you will eventually get there. But it won’t happen in a week or month. It usually takes years of experience to be ready to submit something here.

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