Hard rejected item || Plz let me know that how can i improve

Here is the link

I see lots of design inconsistencies, padding/spacing issues and bugs. It also doesn’t look very unique or appealing.

Thanks for your reply. Sir it will be better for me that if you can explain the issues section wise.

Please please please try to do some thing new, when you make a design please take care of the uniqueness factor of that item. Every new developer is designing and redesigning the same 7 or 8 elements in a new theme. Bring new sections in your template, remove spacing, improve typography and improve the graphical outlook in your template and then resubmit.

There is also much misspelling that take place on different pages. It really does look too similiar to other products that already exist on themeforest.

The reviewer probably rejected it because it’s not that unique and it could be looked at as a copycat theme. Just being honest.

Yes i got it. Thank you.

Good job! The design is good and clean. Typography is okay. The only problem which many new authors face is uniqueness. You must design something unique, otherwise you’ll simply be recycling designs already in the marketplace. Hence a rejection

Try considering uniqueness from either a design or functionality point of view. Or even both to get better chance of approval

[quote=“EmberThemes, post:2, topic:51812, full:true”]
I see lots of design inconsistencies, padding/spacing issues and bugs. It also doesn’t look very unique or appealing.
[/quote] This statement is either false or misleading. From the feel and look, there is pretty good consistency but you are not perfect enough in the use of whitespace, ie. Padding and margin. (e.g the main menu items feel rather too closely packed to each other) There are only two javascript errors, so the ‘bugs’ being seen may be imaginary bugs, not real. Let’s simply say you are not unique in any significant way. That’s the main problem.

Thank Your Sir.

I appreciate that my first reply wasn’t very detailed, but you cannot say my opinion was false nor misleading as OP asked for feedback and I gave my opinion based on a quick look.

Padding and spacing ties in directly with design consistency, you cannot have elements & sections with generous padding/spacing then some with apparently none at all. It isn’t consistent.

“There are only two javascript errors” - Themeforest items should have no errors whatsoever. Not two, not one, not half of an error. No excuses. Whilst I was partly talking about console errors, I was also talking about things such as the slider where the arrows are misaligned or in mobile where images are also misaligned… these are considered bugs.

Also a tip for OP: In your next template, have a proper table of contents with descriptive comments rather than "section 1, 2, 3, 4 " etc; as human readable, structured code is something reviewers also look for.

Good luck with your next submission.