Need Help to post Logo and Flyer

Dear Sir,

After many rejected products , i’m looking for someone who can help post a Logo and a Flyer.
Realy need help.
Thank you in advanced.


Once ready to submit you can share previews here - people are not likely to have the time to hand hold others through the entire process

I would like to post this flyer. Your valuable point of view.

Your point of view for these logos i’m planning to post.

With respect this is a long way off the standard and will definitely be rejected.

If you want to submit in the very crowded categories then the design needs to be flawless, however, unfortunately you have issues here with numerous design basics including typography, spacing, alignment, hierarchy etc. plus as per other feedback you had - copy and pasting content is a bad habit

On the logo (not an area I am experienced in), the hero letter feels basic and not really like a logo, and the typography for the rest is not great.

You need to invest time in polishing experience and understanding best practices as well as the attention to detail that goes into successful files sold here