Need help/opinion!


Hello dear sellers!
How can I improve this project to be approved? Or no chance!?


no chanceā€¦ 100%
sorry )


I think it need more dynamic movement of camera and change final logo. Logo is too flat now. And duration about 7-10 seconds. Cut the pauses between scenes.


I think I would love this project with a lot of inventive VHS video glitches (from a very personal point of view I am talking) , and I could agree with it if it had some stylish typography, and made the camera no sluggish
Keep up, it looks you had a lot of patience that will bring you closer for your goal
But look up the database of Videohive for inspecting similar items, and check how did they managed to compose their scifi scene

(the neon lights blinking composed sure could be a tool of teasing the viewer, until the final animation)


Thank You for reply!
I will try to do my best on this project :slight_smile: