Need your opinion about my new project



Hello, guys.
I need you review on my new project. The idea was to make somehing original and unusual in the category Vintage Opener/Fashion promo. The idea is based on Typography and advertizing design of 1960-80 s., the Bond movie style. This is a reference:

Threre are 14 scenes and each have individual desigh, there is no one repeating scene.
Please tell your opinion is this project deserve to be located on Videohive?
Thank you very much for your spending time!


My opinion - It is more than worthy to be on videohive.

Firstly - The fact that this is not another “parallax slideshow, with 3D depth” is already noteworthy. :slight_smile: (I really do not want to offend anyone, guys, but it is a true of our days).
Secondly - In recent time, very few projects in the retro style on videohive and this is good one to be in the library.
Thirdly - The project has a good stylization, and also smooth but dynamic camera movements.

Yes, I would change the fonts for more retro ones and I would add more color correction, but anyway, I think it deserved to be on videohive.


i liked it a lot and started following you because im interested in it :slight_smile:
your portfolio is very good also, keep the good work.


I approve it.


It’s nice to see here unique projects such as this one! Like a breath of fresh air
Extremely cool project! I think you need try again and upload it. Definitely it deserved to be on videohive.


This is a nice project.
Such type of projects are rare.
Definitely it should be on videohive.