Need help getting plugins to "talk" to each other



Hi everyone,

I need some help. I can pay for your assistance if need be. I have a project that requires the following:

  • Generate a quote based on weight and distance
  • Option to convert that quote to an invoice
  • Make payment on that invoice through Stripe
  • Send the invoice to the client and admin upon payment

I cannot find any one plugin that can do this and authors arent too forthcoming on assisting. Can someone help me with some code and where to place it to allow the following to communicate:

  • Estimation plugin to pull locations entered in distance calculator into delivery and populate collection and delivery fields
  • Estimation plugin to send final fee to stripe for invoicing and payment/ Stripe to collect fee output by estimation form.

Plugins are
WP Cost Estimation & Payment Forms Builder
MK Google Directions
WP Simple Pay Lite for Stripe

Or else, if anyone knows a plugin that can accomplish the above, it will be extremely appreciated.


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