Custom-Build Products to order?

Hey ladies and gents of all things Envato! I’m looking to purchase a plugin compatible with WooCommerce and Wordpress. The details are simple, allow a customer to custom build order requests! Here’s a few of the other cool options I’m REALLY looking for:

  1. The option to appear/hide options depending on the customer’s choice.
  2. The option to “tally up” the price as the ordering process continues.
  3. The option to “order again” and add the previous order to a shopping cart while they create another one.
  4. The ability to create EXTENSIVE item specs.
  5. The option to charge pricing depending on the choices selecetc.
  6. The option to produce a final invoice that I could email them. If they could pay via Paypal that’s great, but I wanted to be able to send a confirmation email their way just in case, as well as one to myself for records.
  7. The ability to edit wording in a final invoice. For EX: If I say “Would You like to apply rush order to this project?” I could change it to “Rush Order” on the final invoice if one is generated for it

So far, the best that I’ve found is “WP Estimations and Payment Forms Builder,” located here:

The only issues with this is that it doesn’t give you many horizontal layout options, only Vertical for the most part, and gives very limited customization options on the invoice side.

Oh Envato Gurus and authors lol, if you know of such an awesome tool, shoot a link below and I’ll DEFINITELY be checking it out, and probably buying the same day lol. Thanks again!

Best Regards,
Allyn Alston