Need feedback on Transition Slider

We created a slider plugin Transition Slider with some fresh and unique WebGL visual effects. The inspiration was video editing seamless transitions like
We also plan to add much more effects soon, like glitch, crossfade and advanced image filters.

Here is the link to item

I am looking for a feedback from Themeforest authors. Do you think this kind of slider would be a good addon to your themes?


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I think you must work much more on your existing examples - visually they don’t look so great, sorry.
Typography must be better, some images are blurry, some color combinations are not good (text is not visible), spacing also.

For example this - very poor:

I think you should find better designer first and than add some more features/animations.

Thanks for the feedback. I see that we need to work more on our examples.

With current version of slider you can replicate most sliders from themeforest themes, but with much more options when it comes to transitions, instead of simple translate or fade. I thought this would be interesting to theme authors who try to create something a bit different and fresh.

We added more examples and some new features

  • content mode for layer elements
  • video layer element
  • parallax for layer elements and background
  • lazy loading
  • slider renders only when visible
  • advanced options for layer size and slider size to fit each screen size

Do you guys have any more feedback on the slider?