What's the best slider plugin?


Please correct me if i am not posting in the right section.

I am looking for a wordpress theme that will allow me to set up what i think are called ‘Web Presentations’, such as:



Can anyone advise on a theme or the correct name / terminology for this? Thank you in advance.

Hey there @oo7ml. Looks to me like you’re after a slider plugin!

Probably the most widely used is the Revolution Slider. which you can get on CodeCanyon.

It’s pretty versatile in terms of what it can do. If you go here, you can see some examples.

Great, thanks.

I don’t think the slider will do it as i was hoping the url would changed id, like in the examples i provided?

Oh wow, I didn’t see that! Was just looking at the pages.

That might be a little more complicated… @dtbaker, any ideas?

Have a search through some of the “One Page” WordPress themes. One of them might do what you’re after:

Great, thanks.