What's a good WordPress theme with a page slider?

Hi Guys,

I searched a lot on google a wordpress theme like this… http://demo.bursaproje.com/rekran.php?no=3&ekran=desktop
This site is an html5, I just copied this, but I can`t do anything because its html5.

Maybe anyone know a wordpress theme like this doen`t matter free or not free. Just exactly like this with slide over pages.

Thanks in advance guys!

Hi @grupanadolu! There should be plenty of page sliding WP themes on ThemeForest. Try searching for “slides”, “slides wordpress” or even “vcard wordpress” to get you started. The example you shared looks pretty old/dated. There are some faster and smoother variations these days.

Here’s one I personally like from @boldthemes, check out how super smooth it is!


Good luck, let us know which one you end up using. :slight_smile:

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@grupanadolu Meanwhile, if you’re looking for something very similar to the example you originally posted, try Panes by @pehaa.

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Thanks for your reaction @scottwills . But all what they have is one page slides over all the pages. If you see the demo what I sended thats really different. It slides with like one page with menu. I saw the demo of showcase full screen. That`s what I want, but there is no menu. I want to scroll over pages with animation…


You’re looking for a fullPage theme. The official one for WordPress is this: http://wordpress.framework-y.com/fullpage-2/
All my themes use this system so you can use what you want.