Need C4D Thrausi help!


Hi colleges and friends,

actually i’m working on a project in which an object needs to be broken by the Cinema 4D plugin “Thrausi”. Normally this plugin is really easy and fast to use but in this case i need some help.

Everytime i brake the object Thrausi fills the object which is normally good,
but do you know how to brake the outside polygons only?
For example let’s brake a cube, which isn’t filled when you create it, you can zoom inside the cube and it seems like there are only the “wall” elements but Thrausi fills the whole cube.

How can i tell Thrausi to brake the wall elements only with an estimated width? Is that possible?

Thank’s alot in advance! :slight_smile:



I don’t think Thrausi will let you break a cube like this,

However, what I would do is create a cube for 1 wall (for example 1000x1000x10),
Then break it with Thrausi, and then duplicate it 4 times (or break 4 different walls for variation).

good luck :slight_smile: !


Never used this plugin, but as I know, such empty objects called “hollow”. This link should help you: