3D map generator - atlas

Help Please. I bought Atlas and followed the tutorials and everything is great until I need to get the map out of photoshop. The reason I got Atlas was to make maps for Unity but I’m failing to understand what to do with the layers after the map has been generated. Please help, how do I get the map out of photo shop and into Unity?

My guess is that you’ll have to export the map and each element as separate images, which you then import to Unity.

Thank you for responding I got it out as an obj and into Unity but it turns out looking very minecrafty.

Ah that’s right! I forgot it could export .obj

Glad you got it figured out.

Hello. Please tell me how can I export my map in 3D format? I’m looking for it everywhere on YouTube and Google, but even in the documentation for the plugin there is NO instruction on how to create a 3D object for working in a 3D editor.

I’m trying to find out the same thing. Have you figured it out yet?