need a quote for my sports trading cards project

my customers upload their own sports photo, pick from one of the custom trading card templates, fill out a simple form (name,year, team name, league name, jersey number) I need the customer to be able to see it real time, when they type in their name it shows up on the card. I have 8 different trading card templates, each with a specific font and each would have 10 colors to choose from. I need the customer to have the option to “download a digital pic” or “order printed cards”. They would need to be able to size their photo and crop to where they want inside the template. It would be imperative that this can all work seamlessly with woocommerce and on mobile devices. Please let me know if interested in a project like this. I checked out fancy product designer but not sure this would work and also real time designer which would work perfectly but is very expensive so i am looking to see what else is out there. thanks

Im pretty sure this would do it all

Hi rivalpix

Yes interested :slight_smile: To be honest I prefer to work in ‘true real time’ which I have been doing for many years now, from Chat apps, social media walls through to team collaboration scripts. As long as you are happy with say 100 millisecond delay (unnoticable) then achieving what you want is within easy reach for you.

If you have a template/design in mind then more than happy to set up some form of demo for you.= as for cost - hope you understand my dry English humour - we can argue :slight_smile:

If interested then you can contact me via my Envato profile here or PM me - Cheers


Hi, a big part of what I want to do is offer the customer the option to pay $1 for a digital download or purchase printed cards. I am not sure if fancy product designer offers this digital download option. I read through their forums and I believe it seems like it doesnt. I found something called Real Time Designer which would be perfect but is $200 a month plus 2-3K to set up so pretty expensive. Do you know if fancy product designer offers this download option? thanks in advance

Hi rivalpix

$200 a month plus 2-3K to set up so pretty expensive

Yes :slight_smile:

Did you read my PM? the cost you mention are well above (seriously well above) what is needed based on my PM

In case of custom work, please, feel free to contact


It’s only possible with custom development work. I would suggest going with Wordpress.

Here is my profile :

Please feel free to contact me.


Hi I am new to this forum and site. How do I PM you? Can you send me your email to discuss further? thanks