custom quote - fancy product designer and woo commerce guru wanted

Ive done some research and it seems the fancy product designer plugin should work for my business.
my customers upload their own sports photo, pick from one of the custom trading card templates, fill out a simple form (name,year, team name, league name, jersey number) I need the customer to be able to see it real time, when they type in their name it shows up on the card. I have 8 different trading card templates, each with a specific font and each would have about 10 colors to choose from. I need the customer to have the option to purchase a “download a digital pic” or “order printed cards”. They would need to be able to size and move their photo to where they want inside the template. It would be imperative that this can all work seamlessly with woocommerce and on mobile devices. Please let me know if interested in a project like this. for more details or a better feel about my business go to and watch the 60 second video and take a look at the products. This site was unfinished and will not be used at all for anything so it is just to take a look at the idea. thanks for the time

Hello Derek,

You need whole site to be made or just this part with cards?


Hi thanks for the response. I would ultimately like a whole site built by the same person to keep things as simple as possible but obviously have a budget. I have received some quotes on fiverr as well for just the site portion but for the card designer and site to work together seamlessly I am a little skeptical of using more than one company. I am a small startup on my own with an idea so I would like to try and find best option for the price I can get. thanks


On Fiverr how much money you pay such quality you will get. I have very bad experience with users from that site. Never more…

You can contact me here and we can discuss about site.


Feel free to contact as well: