webpage for custom print canvas

Hi, this is new to me. I need a webpage where you insert your own image file-> choose size and material-> shopping cart. Do you have any finished webpages with this as a plugin.

Something like this one?

thank you, is there any customer support for this plugin?

Did you read anything on that page?

Hello @mariusks

That plugin does come with 6 months of free support included, and you can extend it up to 12 months. The author is very reputable.


Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

no, it was not properly plugged in. explains a little closer here, with some pictures.

  1. you choose an image file from your computer. png, jpeg.
  2. something like this http://www.easycanvasprints.com/singlecanvasdesigner/#/start
    but with a plugin where you drag the image in the right corner so that the aspect ratio of the image is correct. like this image
  3. then you pay.
    The web store is going to sell wallpapers for customers. image


Frist problem what I see is that users need to upload high quality image for wallpaper about 30 - 50 MB. I don’t know who have such images on PC.
Second I don’t know which email provider will allow to send such big files trough email system. You can leave that image on server but after 20 orders you will have full server.

Why you don’t offer your sample images and people will choose. I have made similar thing what you want but for custom made stickers.
If you have some budget I can give you and offer?