Need a plugin to create Woocommerce products quickly!

I want a plugin to create Woocommerce products very very quickly!
The current interface is very cumbersome.

Let’s say I have 5 pictures for a product.
I need a simple form: add 5 pics, select one as main image, write descriptions, choose category, add price, add variations if needed - but all in one place!

Is there anything out there like this?


You could try a bulk import plugin. There are a few specifically for WooCommerce, but you’d need to create a CSV file first. Just depends on what’s faster/easier for you. Here’s a good free option:

Or, if you’re adding products from another site you might be able to find a specific plugin to automate the import process for you.

For example this plugin to import from Shopify:

Or this plugin to grab products from Amazon: