Custom Woocommerce Product Type

I’m looking for a custom woocommerce product type script or plugin. I just want to add another product or service with the relevant fields. Nothing has worked for me so far and I cannot find a plugin for that.

Hello @nobsany

Welcome to the forums! You may want to check:

Hope that helps!


Thank you very much. I’ll follow those links and see which one does it for me

Unfortunately none of those falls into what im looking for. They are mostky for custom fields. I am looking for a custom product type functionality. Woocommerce has Simple Product, Grouped Product, Virtual Product, Downloadable Product, External Product and Variable Product, but none of them serves my purpose directly. I want to add mine or change one of those to meet my need.

Hello @nobsany

There are some really good development plugin creators on Envato Studio if you are interested.


Thank you very much for your assistant. Yes, you are right. I’ve used Envato authors. But I have found a new plugin than does what I want and even more. I’ll purchase that


Can you share which one you found? I’m looking for something similar.


My suggestion:

Hi nobsany !

I have looked into your work request and there seems to have no pre made solution available. I can create a wordpress plugin for you. Please contact via my envato studio profile so that we can move on next.

Thank You