Need a plugin to export and import Woocommerce

I want to mass create products by exporting and importing into Wordpress

I’ve searched and can’t find anything
The only thing available seems to be the Woocommerce offering which is way too expensive

I’ve searched Code Canyon and can’t find anything that would help



Do you realize that “Products” (from WooCommerce) is simply a Custom Post Type ( CPT ) ? This means that it can be imported / exported as XML using the FREE WordPress Exporter on the WordPress Plugin Repository. This gets you 80% of the way there. However, this doesn’t support any attachments / media though so you’ll have to do that manually but it is free.

Have you searched the WordPress Plugin Repository for the terms “WooCommerce Exporter” yet for a free plugin? Maybe you find something you can use. Help yourself. Don’t be confined to just CodeCanyon and WooThemes as it’s a big WWW out there. Trying out several free plugins can eat up time though.

Many are easily spoiled by the low prices on CC. However, just think about how much it would cost you in time to have to do the import manually yourself (even just the media part) if you still can’t justify the cost to yourself. You will likely NOT have to do ONLY do it just ONE time. That’s a common fallacy many tell themselves. How much is your time worth really? Right now, it would seem it’s less than $200?

If you still feel the “Product CSV Import Suite” is too expensive, here’s another potential alternative for you…

Good luck! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply

The cost to me isnt $199, it’s $399 - I want to use on more than one site

  • I dont like Woocommerce’s terms - what you get is for 1 year only
    After that, you have to purchase or renew

I wouldn’t mind paying $199 - or even $399… but it’s the licence terms that I dont like

Instead of paying $399, I’d rather spend 1 day figuring out the ins and outs of exporting myself…
But… I’d rather pay $20 for a well developed plugin by someone on Codecanyon

I did search the Wordpress website… and found something that looked credible… but they want $95 for a version that will cope with variations… for that price, I’d opt for Woocommerce!

OM2 said

The cost to me isnt $199, it’s $399 - I want to use on more than one site

  • I dont like Woocommerce’s terms - what you get is for 1 year only
    After that, you have to purchase or renew

Hmmm, you apparently would seem to undervalue or not value at all the updates and support (or the valuable time that will likely go into both of these) that will be provided during the course of that year then? You want to pay very little for quality and think updates and support should be free? A very sad attitude but not uncommon, if that’s the case here.

Do you need to use the item on multiple sites immediately? You need to have the product installed for more than 5 simultaneous sites? How many total? Are these sites all owned by yourself or others? What are they for more specifically?

You’re being cheap IMO but you’ll eventually find what you’re after for a price you’re wiling to pay if you look long enough / hard enough. Later in retrospect afterward though, you’ll likely realize it was actually more expensive (in time, money, etc) and probably better to have just paid for either of the solutions you’re now aware of.

fair comment. i understand why u say what u say

i dont think the code required is all that complex and paying 400 bucks isnt justified

the main factor though is that as far as i know, i wont be able to upload images - these would need to be added after.

because of this, for the moment, i think I’m going to just add products manually

i will probably end up coming back and just paying the $399

If You are still interested, please contact with me via profile contact form.