Nee assistance about Html Boostartup templete


i am new i want to make html boostartup templete for as author upload on themforest
i want to ask some questions?
which images i will use in this templete these with ned to purchase or i can use free from google?
for upload html templete i need first psd design approve from themeforest etc? or i can direct make templete and upload here?

what is need to be remeber in design or work process?
and what is famous topics for html templetes?

I am waiting to all of your help thanks

  • images need to be licensed o be used in commercial projects. You can get these from various websites e.g. or purchase stock images but cannot just download images from Google.

  • in the download version all images should be replaced with image holders

  • no the PSD doesn’t need to be approved firs tor included in the HTML download

  • there’s no such thing as a preferred topic. If you focus on best practice coding, modern and original design, functionality and versatility while concentrating on quality over quantity then that will be more important.

thanks for great answer

can you some guide me i want to make one page template for business purpose template in this must i include which parts which is more on demand?

or for this any library or any thing more need to purchase out of stock photos?

can you give me links about this website for stock images because it is not working ?

and from where i can purchase cheap images

i am waiting your kind response.

You can get images from any stock market place or you can use Photodune images for free (you should ask permission from the author).

The one page category is super crowded - if you want to try and submit there then you are going to need to make sure that your design is filled with stand out features not to mention spot on in terms of design and code quality

can you recomend me some features
and you mean i will not need to mention in support about design terms and code

and i open your give link here show also price with images so i need just found free images from there?

and what is difference between standard and extended licnece?

You don’t have to buy the images from Photodune to use then in your demo assuming that:

  1. you have permission from the author of the images to include them and
  2. that you do not share them in the downloadable version of your template and replace them here with placeholders

No one is going to be able to tell you what to include - that’s part of the creative process, and will depend on not just the category your template falls into but the structure, layout, UX etc.

If you make sure that whatever you create:

  1. is not overly inspired by another website or file for sale here
  2. has premium value features i.e. offers a quality and functionality that warrants someone paying to use it rather than the increasingly strong free files around
  3. is of a high enough standard and original quality to compete with other items already for sale

Always ask yourself - “why would someone want to buy/pay for your files” over the alternative paid/free ones.

Ok thanks i got to much help from you to proceed further i am too much confuse before this so i hope i will sucessfull now in my dream.

Thanks Again :slight_smile:

I want to ask for wordpress theme we need all plugins purchase or we can use free version of plugins
almost used plugins:

woocomerce + extensions
contact form 7
gallary plugin
visual composer or page editor


Totally depends on individual plugins and their licenses for commercial use.

Some may be free to use like contact form 7 and others will require extended licenses, author permission etc.

then how can we varify which will we can use free version of which we need use paid?

can you give me some guideness?

Locate where they are based and check license and or documentation.

If it’s a plugin that’s for sale on codecanyon e.g. VC or Rev slider , then you will definitely need full permission from the author and an extended license

If it’s in the repository then you need to make the effort to check individual licenses and if necessary contact the author to double check.

ok thanks i got this point

Hi i contact with team for images but they not respond me till now so can you help me get them or in how much time they will give response.