Native 4K stock footage. Is it needed ?

Hey, I am thinking about uploading some native 4K stock footage videos (not timelapses) wich are shot either with RED, ARRI or BMCC. I haven’t seen any of stock shot in 4K. What do you think guys ? Is there a demand for it ? I know PHANTAZMA have started the 4K templates trend, and it is going very succesful for him. But I am talking about cinematic and corporate 4K stock footage. I want to get some opinions before I actualy start it, because the 4K workflow takes a lot time and postprocess like color grading and getting those huge bytes sorted out.

What do you think ? Is it worth a try ?

I dont know, but I started some 4k projects too. (AE files). I dont think it would be a bad idea. In some years 4k will be the standard resolution. Also hoping for some price increase for 4k files…

It worth a try, I think :wink:

cyzer said I haven't seen any of stock shot in 4K.

Seems to be quite a bit:

this is not shot in 4K. This is shot with dslr as pictures, then sequenced into a timelapse. NATIVE 4k means when you actualy shoot it in real time.

Hi Cyzer. Your question poses some interesting questions. Ultimately, we have to ask ourselves who the market is. When the majority of end-users who aren’t really au fait with AE, and still using CS4, will they have the hardware, processing power, download speed, storage space to be dealing with Native 4k files?

And even then, where where would they show them. Youtube? Vimeo?

There is at the moment a certain professional need for Native 4K as standard, for broadcast professionals. But is Videohive, with typical file prices at $5, really pitched at these people?

and ultimately, would end-users just be buying your 4k files just to downscale them to 1080p?

Regretablly, the 4k market still early adopters and Pros, and i fear your 4K files may be overkill… but they were saying this about 1080p 5 years ago when everyone was dealing with 720p… So come back and ask me that in 5 years time when cheap iphone camera will be able to shoot native 4k :))

Ah right, sorry. I didn’t go through them so didn’t notice they’re mainly timelapses. Oops.

There are a few 4K ones that aren’t timelapses though, so they are out there, but doesn’t look like there’s been any sales as of yet.

Currently 4K footage market is slow but will definitely develop and expand. Probably in a 2-3 years it will be more demanding.

As for me, I have six 4K items(timelapses) and 7 sales as of now. It much less sales for me then average Full HD footage but I believe it will change.

I preordered Blackmagic 4K camera and probably will contribute natural 4K footage as well in a few month (whenever Blackmagic will start shiping this camera and I receive it).

Even when downscaled to Full HD, 4K footage have benefits for serious production. Downscaled Full HD video will have top notch resolution, less noise, moire or other digital issues, ability to lossless pan, zoom, stabilize, etc.

P.S. Anyway content is more important. Interesting fact that for me first best seling item is Full HD, but second, 3rd and 4st best selling items are HD (1280x720). It’s surprising since most (like 95%) of my portfolio are Full HD items.

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Hi Cyzer! Great topic, a very interesting one since 4K apparently is celebrating its boom in 2014. Its quite impressive how many camera manufacturers are launching 4k cams this year. Andrey, good choice to get the BMCC 4K, I am also considering jumping into 4K production, AE-templates as well as HD Stock footage. Hope for you all that you can make a prefession out of this. To be able to freelance and have a fixed kind on income selling nice content. However, I assume this industry will always stay competetive and one needs to maintain a high profile on the road to keep selling stock/templates. It’s a very interesting market really, being an internet business is exiting dont you think guys?

I am really looking forward to another year of creation!
Lets Keep on talking! Have a great weekend!

Markets for this are mostly NOT america… for time being… unfortunately… for me my only sales offers are through distributors with foreign buyers for 4K or 5K content.

Regardless of the market however, shooting in 4K is the best thing you can do in digital if the choices are HD or 4K for visual quality. I’ve been shooting a lot with BMPC 4K in prores HQ and raw, the down sizing at final render produces phenomenal HD video. And if you manage to get a buyer for 4K version, all the better.

Anyway, to the original question… now a year later… we’re not there yet for stock footage … even though the stock footage market has been heavily saturated with 4K already… very few households have devices that display 4K short of the new mobile devices. When 4K or 5K is the new HD and in every home and the providers push up to a new high resolution standard… then we’ll see more sales. It sucks there wasn’t more of a balance with this curve ball… the products to produce 4K were supplied well before the consumer products to display were adopted by consumers globally. Which is NOT good for reaching our asking prices for 4K content (in America), our market is seriously jacked up right now (in America)… or am I mistaken? Japan is doing really well in that department from what I’ve heard. 4K is broadcasted over the air to every household.

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As with most technological advances, the question is more “when?” than “if?”. 4K has been around a long time. It’s pretty much as old as the RED camera as a common format. Before that, 4K was limited to expensive digital negative scans for films.

The problem is that if you go over too early, the overheads are too big… in terms of processing / cost etc. Go too late and you find yourself having to update a lot of stuff (or wishing that a much loved project you created existed in higher res for your showreel). I remember all this when HD came in.

I think it’s too early for 4K, especially in the template market where customers equipment and software is unlikely to be at the bleeding edge of technology. And of course, there are very few 4K screens in circulation and still less 4K material to show on them. For templates, my feeling is that 4K will currently only serve to create problems with longer render times, out-of-memory etc. Even 4 years ago, I was still creating some templates at 1280x720. Now it seems kind of out of date, but back then, there were certainly users rendering projects with 10 year old computers and 32 bit software, and these were very good reasons to be working at 720 line HD. Now, those projects probably need updating if they’re to continue to sell. If sales are less than stellar, there’s the question “Is it worth it?”

I think it’s too early for 4K too. But recently I started loading 4K the contents :slight_smile: