Full HD, 2K or 4K?

Hey Videohivers.
I’m about to start to build a new video template but not sure if Full HD is enough for the today’s need. I’m thinking about 4K but not quite sure if the buyers actually needed that big resolution.

What is your experience about this? Is it worth the 4K in 2016 or a simply Full HD will do it?

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Usually 4k is better then Full HD :grinning:

Yeah thats right but with higher resolution the render time is also gets more. Thats why I am not sure about this.

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Build your template in 4K and for final render create one comp for Full HD and one for 4K. The end user will render the desired resolution.

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Most of the templates here are being used on TVs (news, documentary, commercials, etc) and YouTube (or Vimeo, dailymotion, etc) videos.

We know that most people watch YouTube videos on PCs, tablets and mobile phones. in fact, YouTube says that 50% of YouTube views come from mobile devices, which you need a micoscope to see the differences between 1080 and 4K videos playing on a smart phone that supports 4K resolution.

Almost the same thing applies on TV screens, Carlton Bale (valuable information over there) says if you want to detect the additional resolution of 4K, the screen must be large and you must sit closely. for example: for an 80-inch screen (2 meters measured diagonally), you need to sit 5 feet (1.5 meters) far from the screen to detect the additional resolution of 4K while the recommended distance for that size of screens is 8-9 feet. (see the photo below for more examples)


Back to the marketplace, in this year 2015, 8,378 templates have been approved, only 234 of them support 4K resolution. I don’t think it will be the trend of 2016.

If you chose to go with 4K, I think by the time 4K resolution becomes trendy, your item will be buried under thousands of items that will come in the coming years and your item probably will be out-dated and no one will buy it, the result is you just wasted your time for something didn’t pay you back.

That is my opinion and you know, it’s your template and the decision is yours to make.

Good luck! :+1:


If it’s not that much extra work then go for 4K. As advised, you can always set up smaller render comps if required, but you have the option if buyers need it.

I had a stock asset used in House of Cards season 2 which is presented in 4K as far as I know. My asset was only 1080p but they still used it because it was so amazingly cool, or something like that… but if it wasn’t, then the ‘low’ resolution might have tipped the balance in their decision whether to buy or not.

As for 2K, probably not worth it at all. People can just scale it up by 7% and everything’s good!

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