Full HD vs 4K

Hey guys,
I was thinking about buying a blackmagic cinema camera but I can’t decide between the pocket one (which films at 1080p max) and the 4K version.
Do you think the full hd still makes sense for stock footage? Or 4K is a must?
Thanks :smile:

You’ll get more money if you upload 1080p and 4K versions of your footage, as somebody is bound to buy a 4K version sooner or later. The market for 4K content is still quite small on stock sites though, so it might take you a while to recoup the extra cost. I guess you’re future proofing yourself for when the 4K market isn’t as small though, and you’ll have more framing options with your 1080p stuff.

I’d go for the 4k one. Even if your end format is 1080p, if you record in 4k and downscale to 1080p in the end you get a much better resolution.

But the comparison doesn’t really hold up as the price tags are really different. Also, the pocket has other advantages and disadvantages than just the resolution.

Thanks for the answers!

@Creattive what are your thoughts on the blackmagic family? Do you have any recommendation?

I haven’t had my hands on any one of those, luca, but there are enough hands-on reviews available that will give you some overview of what those cameras are able to achieve.

Basically, they are nothing for beginners but for experienced users. They are meant to be used in a raw workflow that needs a lot more than just the camera but also good memory cards or ssds (depending on the cam), a decent pc hardware and also a good workflow and experience in color grading.

If you want a good image right out of the cam they might not be the right choice, especially if this is your first camera ever.

Yes I was interested in a blackmagic product since I wanted a raw file without the pain of Magic Lantern firmware. I’m using the ML mod on my 5D mk2 but I hate the not user friendly interface and the skipping frames I get every now and then.
I would mostly use it for reportage of various events around my town (plus short wedding trailers for friends and stock footage) and I’d want something more reliable.

I still don’t understand why the 4K version has less dynamic range stops compared to the pocket one (12 against 13). Anyway I’ll start my deep research through youtube and vimeo, making my wallet tremble :smiley:

The one stop less dynamic range isn’t that much of a difference. Of course the more the better, but I’d make my decision more about terms like portability and sensor size/sensor crop factor.

If you are used to the full frame sensor of your 5d the depth of field of the tiny pocket camera sensor will look huge to you.
The aps-c sized sensor of the 4k production camera gives you something more along the lines of 35mm film.
But the pocket is lightweight and portable, and combined with speedboosters a really cool cam.

Thanks for your thoughts, Tobi :beers: