My work in psd may be used to create another version?

Hi, I’m new in ThemeForest, I’m working on a design in photoshop, if it becomes accepted, I have the intention of working on the html version. But I have a question. Exploring designs in ThemeForest found a theme for wordpress that the design had been created by another user.

Then the question that someone can use my design to create a html version to sell in ThemeForest before I came. Maybe my question is silly but appreciate your response.

Sorry Bad English

Dear, How are you, Welcome to, one thing always keep in your mind that, Themeforest market is always very aware about “Copy write”, now its may be Design or Code.

Thank you!

Those designers made partnerships with developers. You cant just take a design and make a html out of it and upload to TF.

Are you referring to collaborations?

Yes, they’re very much possible and happens a lot. Even our account is done with collaborations.

The original account owner, Nick, designed our theme, we coded it in WordPress and collaborated.

Your terms and conditions in your collaborate is based on your agreements with that developer.

So it may vary, but it’s not uncommon.

Welcome to Themeforest and all the best to you and your future here!

As some other users mentionned it, it’s called “collaboration”… Or copyright violation.

I already did a collaboration by purchasing the HTML rights for a PSD template to another author. He contacted Envato about this, allowing me to sell the HTML version under my name. I purchased the HTML rights of his PSD template.

Hope it helps you :wink:

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Hi axool,
Thank you for your answer. Can you help me little bit more please.
I have a PSD theme. Now i want to convert this theme in HTML & i want to publish this theme from another envato account?
Is there have any problem if i do this? Should i need to mention anything?

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