Can I buy a psd theme from themeforest make html and sale?

Can I buy a psd theme from themeforest make html template and sale on themeforest?
it is possible? It’s break any copyright?

No, you can’t. You need author permission in order to convert a psd and sell it on themeforest.

So I will create psd template first? Where I can find free copyrigth psd theme?

1 ) most ‘Free’ PSDs are still not allowed to be converted into commercial projects

  1. 99.9% of ‘Free’ files (no matter what platform) are nowhere near to the necessary standard for here.

If design is not your thing then you need to find a designer to partner with

@charlie4282 then may i know what is the purpose of selling PSD here?

To use it for creating a site for yourself or your client.

+1 or for yourself, maybe you have your own CMS and want to code it yourself?

Of course there is a chance that someone else here may want to partner to build it on a different platform also

You can ask to PSD author to Split the HTML earnings. Ex. 30% PSD author /50% you