My WordPress plugin was rejected without even being reviewed!

My WordPress plugin was rejected without any reason and within 5 minutes, without even looking at its content! My plugin was a WordPress content plugin and was AI supported. Unlike billions of AI-supported applications on codecanyon, it had many unique features such as REWRITE content from sources such as RSS, Wordpress, Google News. So my plugin contains completely unique features and I am 100% sure that I follow all the rules. I don’t understand why it was rejected. this is ridiculous!

The free version of my plugin is below: AutoWP – AI Content Writer & Rewriter – WordPress plugin |

no, this item not a repost of my previous item . The first post I sent was a comment generation plugin. This plugin is a post writer & rewriter plugin. It was written from scratch and took 6 months to make. It is a unique and well-done plugin in many respects.

Did you get any rejection details or was it the classic one?

Unfortunately, there were no details.

How can I solve this problem? I would be very glad if you could help me, thank you.

I have checked the plugins with the one you got rejection earlier, It looks same except one is for comments and other is for SEO. I don’t want to download both plugins and compare the coding but I assume most of the codes would be the same.

For AI plugins, you will need better features.

it look same ? First of all, this plugin is not a comments plugin. a post plugin. My plugin includes a REWRITING feature that has never been available in any plugin before. While other ordinary plugins write articles to chatgpt from scratch, my plugin can pull and REWRITE content from most websites in the world via the google news - rss - wordpress API. Thus, you can produce much more realistic posts. The rewrite process is normally a very troublesome process. That’s why we developed our own model instead of using pure chatgpt. We produce the article section by section, not all at once, and the resulting article is 100% original and SEO compatible. becomes impossible to distinguish from the original article. Can you show a single plugin that does this? i dont think so.

It also does this FULLY AUTOMATIC with WP-CRON. Show me another plugin that does this? i dont think so.

Additionally, searching with Google Search finds the keywords with the highest search volume and produces 100% SEO compatible content. It gets +80 points on rank math and all content appears at the top of Google. Can you show any other plugin that does this? i dont think so.

I worked for exactly 6 months on this plug-in, and a plug-in full of unique features that no one else has has emerged. I can’t understand how you find so many different features “ordinary”.

I see many plugins on codecanyon that are identical to each other and work completely manually, no different from chatgpt itself. This plugin has many unique features. We even trained a model specifically for this plugin. We produce in pieces - specific to our plugin - and the content is therefore stable and SEO friendly. We also have other features such as researching on the internet and creating content with real data. Thus, the text created can be much more realistic and more SEO compatible than articles created with pure chatgpt.

So if you don’t see all these unique features as “good”, I’m curious, what features do you see as good? Can you show any plugin with better features on codecanyon? If so, I will revise my plugin accordingly.