My Voucher Design was Rejected, why?


My gift voucher was rejected and they said it doesnt meet quality standards please could someone tell me why?

Image dimensions:

width 2480px
Height 876px
Resolution 300

Is my car look bad? It is 4x4 Quattro 450 bhp. Please someone tell me. (end of post). -> And I won’t get answer - ever. Because no picture.

hmm? :slight_smile: same here.

Without your work picture nobody will tell whats wrong. You should place picture here first.

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LOL yeah that would be easier to get know how to help if there is material to comment indeed lol

I hope you can find it in your sarcastic hearts to take a look at it again now that I’ve uploaded the image for you both <3

Too basic

Needs more variations

Typography needs work esp font pairing ad line height

Margins and padding are not right on “gift voucher” or “£200” icon

Thank you for your feedback, could I ask for some more details about whats wrong with the esp font pairing or the line height?

The font’s don’t work well together (you can Google good pairings) and personally I don’t feel like the title font is right for a voucher

Not sure the caps work for the smaller print and the line height is too big

You need to create a lot more variations, colours etc.

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Okay I’ll sort these issue out.

It said I could not resubmit this design, do I need to make it massively different before being able to resubmit it as a “new” product?

You need to at least extend it, and more etc - you can’t just make basic cosmetic changes

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it was a joke not sarcasm … joke also because some guys are afraid to post not to be copied, which is far fetched …

as fro me i tend to believe that i could have made it for sale though i tend to believe that the typo u used for titles is a bit outdated

maybe u could also find a way to integrate more the footer inside the whole creations instead f having two parts