Fashion Gift Voucher Rejected

Hello everybody, please help :smile:


Gift Voucher

What’s wrong? I thought Envato needs Indesign Template but it was hard rejected.

hi, if so that would not make sense, most of the guys buying easily have photoshop but necessarily possess indesign … plus if so, they would have to impose it in requirements and as for i know there’s nothing like this …

i believe that your item was rejected because that’s a bit too simple and too flat, sorry to say just that but that’s the way i feel about it … u need to put a little bit more work into this one both visually and typo wise according to me

I don’t think so, for example this was accepted:

Gift Voucher

Maybe I did something wrong in Indesign files… really don’t know. But if Envato need Indesign templates, soft rejection and a little feedback information is too much for them?

Thanks for help n2n44 :slight_smile:

i told u i really do not believe tat it has anything to do with indesign, maybe this is an incoherence or maybe this is a bit too simple as i mentioned, for me the link that u showed is better than the one rejected , now this is just my opinion :wink:

Accepted after few changes:


And, I’ve noticed the female image show too much ( she has no bra :slight_smile: ) so I used a less subjective female model in the preview image.