Why every time my item has been rejected because of quality standard?

Hello, GraphicRiver quality review team,

I am not glad about your review.

I am a beginner in GraphicRiver author.

I uploaded food gift voucher two times with different design and ideas, but both times it was rejected with reason “quality issue”.
I followed every quality guidelines of GraphicRiver. still, it was rejected.

So, I want to know what quality standard do you prefer? Please tell me so that I can apply that and is there any library for creating a product, tell me that as well, I will use that in my designs and actions.

And please suggest me 4 to 5 perfect design(s) references according to you.

I will review that before creating my product.

Waiting for your response.

Thanks and Regards,

Share the preview for your item here if you want feedback

My Item Preview

This view doesn’t help your cause as it is an odd perspective and I’d strongly suggest including straight on and other perspectives and show what the other sides actually look like

  • the design is pretty basic and needs considerably more value features as well as flawless design

  • you would need to include multiple different layouts, dimensions, options

  • you have some basic design flaws esp with margins and hierarchy e.g.
    a) the space below the restaurant name is inconsistent
    b) the slanted image is not to the edge and has inconsistent right hand padding
    c) the 50% is too small and randomly placed

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Hello Dear,
First, thank you so for your suggestion and time. Now I’ve worked on your suggestion and I’ve created a new design layout and options also. Can you please check and review this new design. Waiting for your response.

hi there
with due respect to what Charlie said, i personally do not believe that this is a big deal that u used the mockup that u used as , even if there could have been more selling mockups for u to use , this is enough a good preview enough that your design is far from perfect to say the least

1- global style
sorry to say just this , but honestly the global style is kind of very minimalistic way , what i strongly recommend not to do personally ,… think about it in the first place why would anyone buy a thing where there is not much graphic design and that could thus be “redone” in a short while … resellers would save the cost of buying and do … and even some people just knowing tools coud do such a style … finally minimalistic style is the opened door to designers being replaced by automated systems … so it’s like authors using this style are just shooting a bullet in their own foot …

2- contrast and readability
quite frankly nothing is really outstanding text wise … a lot of texts are not popping out of the background and definitely do not catch the attention one way or the other

3- hierarchy
this is not the “weakest point” u may have , though some items are not really given the expected attention all the same and should be more prominent and outstanding …

4- spacing
the spacing in some areas look a little bit variable and there is a feeling of misbalance at time in some parts of what u have done …

5- colors
well color combinations are not bad but honestly they are very common , too … i am not sure that these choices are the best ones in terms of readability

6- typo
this is clean , rather harmonious in a way but also flat in a way too … trying to introduce some originality in this part would probably help u to draw people’s attention a bit more

for the pizza gist voucher i would have many similar observations … like for the other one, globally this is kind of clean, but this would require u to push the envelope graphic design wise … to introduce some originality and to pay attention a bit more to hierarchy of readability . in addition, icons seems flat and “deja vu”-like …

Thank you a lot n2n44! I will adjust as you say in the design. see it

really? lol this is better about hierarchy of information, contrast and thus readability but there is still something to say about alignment … see the voucher ID , this is not aligned well … and what about the additional graphic design? this is still the same really minimalistic item this far …

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Thank you a lot @n2n44. I’m working on your suggestion.

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Hello there,
I’ve are complete voucher design and voucher design preview also any suggestions for me please let me know. See it

hey buddy are u going to come with the same things over and over and over again? i made a very long explanation for u where i told u among other things ti push the envelope graphic design wise …u want to do some things that have been done times and times again already and have it all hard rejected or something? think about it , designers, if they all do like u do, in the near future, they will be replaced by automated services … what we can bring to the table is creativity and a very good deal of graphic design , all this apart from brining u naturally to original contents will avoid that we are replaced by stupid machines … with these minimalistic things anybody who knows photoshop tools can call himself / herself “graphic designer”

howler i have to say that despite u did not really change style this is way more harmonious, pro and well executed :slight_smile: