My Submission got rejected on quality hep!

I am new to griphic river,My submission of material design background got rejected please advice what improvement do i need to make in order to get it approved. I uploaded this type of background in 10 different colors.

So, you uploaded solid color backgrounds and you want someone to buy this?

Come on man :slight_smile: really ? Visit “text effect” on graphicriver - people are putting hours of work and selling this for 5$

This kind of work will never be approved on GR - let me tell you :slight_smile:

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this is not really solid colors as he tried to have dividers in between , though i tend to believe that u are right, this would hard to have it approved or sold as , let’s face if the price would have to be either very low, now over 1$ and people would easily feel like they could do the same in a very limited time so that they would not really save time out fo buying …

well said

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