My song was approved, thanks AJ! BUT NOONE SAW IT

Hello everyone,

Maybe you also have the same small trouble as me. I worked a lot for one song, finally uploaded it and Reviewer asked me to do some small changes (add track without voice) and I’m thankful for this, for buyer this must be very important. But finally when it was approved and appeared on AJ, it doesn’t appear on main AJ page.(((( :sleepy:

Now I am really so much disapointed that nobody will ever hear it. I can’t find it on pages where all new tracks of AJ authors. So it means it get lost?

I’m sorry for this, its not the fault of Reviewers or anyone else, just the system maybe or I am so panic girl :exploding_head:
Maybe anyone can give me advice what to do to pay attention to this song?

Thanks and a lot of sales&approvals for everyone!!!

Usually it takes some time to appear in the list.

Be patience. :wink:


It probably won’t appear on the main page unless you’re lucky enough to get a feature of some sort.

It should be in the search engine result page for the category you chose when you uploaded (takes a few hours). If you’re lucky you’ll get 20-30 views in the first day or so (in rock category anyways)… good luck!

Just checked and unfortunately you’re already on the second page of ‘Pop’… GREAT sounding track though, congrats on that! Love the voice and it’s super catchy, I’d promote it some, maybe reach out to some youtubers who have used similar tracks. Cheers!

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Thanks Manriquedelara for support and song)) Listening to it while answering.I’m trying to be patient, but everytime when my new track approved I’m like a crazy watching where is my track now and keep my fingers crossed for sale.

And this time so special hard work and…get lost :pensive:

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You are not the only one… :wink:

Hi Robert,

Thanks for stoping by and especially for checking my track. :hugs:

Tried to find it even on… page of “pop” category and nothing. Thanks for good advice with Youtubers, need to try.

Thanks Robert :wink:

you’re right! just new in this that is why feel all uselessness of work. But experienced AJ authors must be also sad when such thing happens.

From other sight feel myself happy that this track was approved. Just need to find way to promote it.

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Well, be happy at first because you got the track approved, so… it´s in the market! And nobody, except you, can take you out that. :slight_smile:
Today, for example, i had my first sale on a track approved two weeks ago. With a very low rate views.
You just need to find your position in all this jungle.
It´s hard, very hard, sometimes really frustrating, but usually it worth it.

Good luck!

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page two for me

There have been many little oddities lately here at AJ. Like Featured Items that are then aren’t. Like the routine email about the monthly payment not getting sent. Other evidence of strangeness that I can’t recall, but the last month or so definitely feels like something is off. Sounds like your unfortunate experience with your item bypassing the homepage is yet another example.

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I’ve noticed strange things too. A Pink Zebra track popped up out of nowhere this morning as a featured file and then promptly disappeared again. But at least he is probably better placed to bear the disappointment than most of us would be! :blush:. I also don’t get a feed anymore with the new items of authors I follow.

Yep, that was one of the oddities to which I was referring…

I think they are testing something in the servers.

Very nice portfolio @AnimaPiano! great job mate! Keep it up!

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Sorry for late response, was camping on the lake, 'cause its unbelievably hot summer. The brain is melting away.

Thank you guys for support and good word. Thanks Robert for screenshot :wink: