I can`t see my track in search

Hello! Today my track was aprooved but i can`t see my track in search. What could be the problem? This track http://audiojungle.net/item/ambient/14122647

I have the same problem http://audiojungle.net/item/movement-in-rock/14122521

How do you serch it?

differently: separately by category, by the fact that his aproove today

You should search it by its name. If your item named “Ambient” you put it in searhc line. Only this thing works on AJ.

Please show me my track in search)))

thats realy funny because I can’t even see it in your portfolio :frowning:

Here I am about the same ) where I can write in a support ?

Thank you, i try to ask

That’s the support tab for an item, so you can get in touch with the author if you have a problem or need assistance with an item that you’ve licensed. If you need to get in touch with support, then you should go here…


Although, please note that due to caching, your items might not always display immediately in searches and portfolios the instant they are approved. You’re probably best to give it 24 hours after approval to be on the safe side.

Thing is, for Audiojungle 24 hours is an eternity. After 24 hours, your track will be on page 5, and would have sunk in search.

This is a recurring caching/indexing issue, and when it happens it usually means a silent death for the affected track. This issue is known to staff, and though it is devastating for the author, they don’t seem to take it seriously. There needs to be a process for such occurrence so that affected items have the same chance as all others. A republishing option maybe…

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