My script is rejected without including any reason

Today after 3 months hard work I develop a upwork clone or same as upwork like freelancing marketplace using laravel framework . Here is demo please see the demo all the features are like upwork Website Demo Link you have to make a freelancer or client account to see the features . my plan is that after aprove on codecanyon I am going to create the android and ios apps and hourly jobs time tracker system in this script.But i am totaly frustrated today codecanyon reject my item for the reason we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward I am a single developer I doesn’t have any team , I made it myself and want to earn money by selling it they can soft reject my item and tell the issues but they hard rejected my item . Please tell me what is reason .

Note - There is chance to have some responsive problem in my item but i will fix those in future updates.

If you know there are problems then why would you not fix them pre-submission?

This is immediately a problem. If the item is not ready then you run the serious risk of ruining any chance you have by submitting it early as it can lead to an item being rejected and prevent resubmission.

  • the landing page seems broken in various places

  • several areas in the demo pages need a lot of work in terms of basics like typography, hierarchy, margins spacing e.g. throughout this demo The Outsourcers Marketplace | Your most closest Partner

  • you can’t use trademarked logos

  • you can’t use content copied from other major websites

So you are telling rejection cause is to use licensed logos and copied content . If i fix this problems is there any chance to be approved again because it hard rejected.

No, i think those are contributing factors but there are clearly issues with layouts being broken and basic design execution not being executed to the necessary standards too