My script got hard rejected. I need suggestion.

I would like to get suggestion on my script that is being hard rejected. Our frontend is using Vue.js and Tailwind CSS and the backend is using PHP CodeIgniter Framework.

I submitted to PHP Scripts Category and got rejected.

After that we do full code review, design update, fixing vulnerabilities, fixing report from Lighthouse and, and a few bugs.

After we update the code and submit again. But i got rejected again.

I need suggestion from the author community. What we are missing ?



Can you please tell a little bit more about the script? What it does, how is it useful? Is this having any relation with flutter by google?

Also, what was the reason given to you for rejection?

@UnitedOver Thanks for your reply.

This script will work like classified platform application like Olx, Mercari, Offerup and Carousell.

We already have the mobile app called Flutter Buy and Sell. This frontend is the website version of that app with same backend.

There is no reason given.