My Project ! Project why not accepted?

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The “animation” is really basic. you just simply animated the countdown with a scale up-down. Also I dont get it why only " 10 most important moments in this year". We got 12 months in a year so that could be 12. (but that is not the reason why u got rejected.) You have to learn more about design & animation process. Good luck and dont give up!


Hmmm … OHH! … Really?

I agree with Wesual

Yeah, it’s a long way off from being approved.

The colours seem a bit muddled and dirty, the circles feel as if they were added as an after-thought so you didn’t just have images and snow, there should really be 12 images, the font isn’t very nice and I don;t think the drop shadow works on it, the text animation at the end is quite simple, but it’s also far too fast and jarring and the decorations look too 80’s and 90’s for a 2015 template. You want to use more classy and stylish elements, like the tree in the background. I believe gold and red are out, and silver and purple are back in this year!

Plus, people are wanting Christmas stuff for November and December, so ideally you want to be uploading it in October or November. If it had have been approved then people would have probably already stocked up on most of their festive items, with only 10 days to go.

But yeah, sorry if that sounds a bit harsh, but you have to be cruel to be kind! It’s just nowhere near at the moment. Head back to the drawing board and hopefully this time next year you’ll have a Christmas best-seller on your hands :smiley:

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You’re absolutely right my friend. I believe I do.
In the future I will present spectacular projects with the after effect.
You can count on it.
Thank you so much for your help …


Your mind is awesome :grinning: josephstore

you will be very successful in future, Believe Me

God Bless You, & Good Luck

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