why ?? need help [VideoHive] Your item, Happy New Year, has been rejected

Unless this is a delayed posting, then you uploaded it far too late. Envato advise that you should be getting your item live on the site at least six weeks prior to the holiday/event in question.

As for the item, the design is pretty good, I like the fonts and the colours. I think the lines animating up at the beginning feels a bit jerky. The pops and animated flourishes on the text… did you make those? If so, then you’d probably be better uploading a pack of those, as they usually sell pretty well. The thing is, your title only includes one line of text, so it’s far too simple to be approved on the site. Although the quality isn’t necessarily bad, it’s not exactly groundbreaking, but it’s just too short to be considered commercially viable on Envato. It would need a considerable amount of work to get it on the site.

Not a bad start though, and you have plenty of time to create a best selling item for next year!

Okay thanks for your comment. Happy new year…!:blush: