Please help me why this was rejected because of the quality

Please help me why this was rejected because of the quality
Your advice, please

Hey, sorry for the rejection, that sucks…

It seems like you might be a beginner given how the project looks, and that’s fine, we all need to start somewhere :wink: And perhaps you did put in quite some work to get this done and figure out all those models, effects etc. So I’m applauding you for that. That’s good you’re trying and learning things. But to be honest the project quality indeed doesn’t look quite there yet, plus overall looks like it doesn’t follow current trends of rendering tools, or modern styles (more on those later) and that was the reason for a rejection I think.

Now, lets see what are the main problems of this project as I see: (i’ll be brutally honest, so take it as a chance to learn from these)

  1. The overall lighting looks really bad and even incorrect physically… like the snow is somehow lit from some source, but the Christmas trees aren’t at all? I would advise you to learn more about lighting types and how to make it look good on youtube for whatever 3D program you use. Perhaps overall a day time would work better for this scene… As the sky also looks very dull, just one color… making it a gradient from lighter blue or even a rising sun yellow at the bottom, so a darker blue at the top would make it look so much more interesting.

  2. All the animations look veeery rigid. The way the lights on the Christmas tree just stop moving immediately, the way the camera just stops, without slowing into it’s final position slowly… And then the camera continues to stand still, no slow zooming in, nothing…

It seems like you should first get familiar with the 12 principles of animation and learn about easing in/out and how to use graph editors, or other similar tools which allow you to adjust the animation speed, intensity etc. Cause now it’s literally you pressed a button to add a keyframe and considered it done without doing any fine tuning to it, and making all the animations and transitions smooth… and that’s just not enough unfortunately.

  1. The overall stylistic choices of the “lights” sweeping over already glowing lights on the christmas tree with those particle reveal effects… those were in trend perhaps 10 years ago? The same goes for the text reveal animation. And then why is there a mirror in the scene (which doesn’t even have a reflection… which is the most essential thing for a mirror to have, if you want to create a realistic scene :smiley: ). You can just place the logo below the text or at the bottom. Also the dark colors, and dull lighting make the whole mood of the scene look kinda depressing. And it’s Christmas! It shouldn’t be bright, red, green and just somehow “light” and cheerful, not dark and depressing.

To get an idea of what’s “trending” or in style, you can use sites as Dribble or Behance, to look for inspiration.

For example look at these works: see how they have more stylized christmas trees, brighter colors, and just perhaps even simpler scenes, which are well lighted, perhaps with just a few lights and following the “good” lighting rules, like one light from behind for shadow, another from other side to soften the shadow, and then maybe another light from top-side for reflection or so. And they perhaps just used a Cinema 4D Physical Render, or even the Standart one, or an Octane, Arnold or Redshift renderer. There’s literally so much accessible options which render realisting lighting with not much effort quite fast, so you need to educate yourself on those options :slight_smile:

Also take a notice of the typography on this one see how the text is in two lines, with smaller text beneath. That looks interesting to look at and fills the frame nicely. Not like just a single line of text which awkwardly barely fits between the christmas tree and the right side of the frame. So you need to learn more about Typography as well!

I hope you’ll be able to take something from this, and won’t take it the wrong way. All the best of luck for improving and making greater work! :wink:


Hello, very thanks, my dear
Thank you for your support, your response, and for giving advice. It is really good
I will do more to improve the quality
I wish you more success in your life
All thanks to you, my friend :smiley:

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